What is the Winner’s Circle?

The Winner’s Circle was introduced in 2014 and was retroactively
applied to 2013. The Organization of the Year joins the Winner’s Circle
for three years. While Winner’s Circle organizations may participate
in benchmarking, they aren’t included in the ranking or banding. After
three years, the organization is considered out of the Winner’s Circle
and may once again participate in the ranking.

Current Winner’s Circle organizations are Verizon, AT&T and Nationwide. Previous Winner’s Circle organizations (which are once
again eligible to participate in the rankings) are Accenture, DAU, Vanguard,
Qualcomm Inc. and General Mills.

Past Winners:

2021: Verizon

2020: AT&T

2019: Nationwide

2018: Accenture

2017: DAU

2016: Vanguard

2015: Qualcomm Inc.

2014: General Mills

2013: AT&T