Is there a cost to apply? How do I pay?

Application Fees

There is an application fee. The fee has two tiers:

Benchmark: $195. Includes application fee, judge review and scorecard. This application level is the same as last year.

Benchmark Plus: $995. New option for 2018. Includes application fee, judge review, scorecard, copy of the 2018 LearningElite Best Practices and Benchmarking Report and benchmarking data cut. A $1,500 value.

Application fees are submitted with a credit card. Your application is not finalized until payment. The charge on your statement will come from MediaTec Publishing.

Application Fee FAQs

Which option is right for my organization?

The Benchmark option is best for first-time organizations and organizations who don’t plan to purchase the annual report or wish to purchase the report later. The Benchmark Plus option is best for organizations who plan to purchase the report or who wish to get a more custom view of their benchmarking data.

When will I receive my materials?

The report, scorecards and custom data cuts will be delivered in Spring 2019.

Can I invoice my application fee?

Government and nonprofit organizations can invoice their application fee. Contact us for details.